Create or Edit Audits in Bulk (OP Labs)



Instructions for bulk audit edit/creation in OP labs.
Length: 1:07.


This tool filters multiple audits into Google Sheets to easily change or create them.See OP Labs Introduction if you have not downloaded this add-on to Google Sheets.


Open OP Labs from the add-ons in Google Sheets and select Bulk Audit Creation.

Create or edit multiple audits in bulk.

Select the Generate Template option, and a sheet titled Bulk Audits is created. Next, click Generate Validation. When that is created, change the Filter By tab to change the audits that are displayed.

 Toggle between different filters for different audit displays.

All the settings that you would expect to see from an audit edit/creation have their own column and can be altered accordingly. Under the Filter By section, there are four additional options available:

  • Get Audits: When you change Filter By, click this option to update what is displayed on the sheet.
  • Update Bulk Audits: When you make any changes to the cells, click this to save your changes.
  • Create Bulk Audits: Fill in all the necessary cells for a new audit, and click this for one to be created in the application.
  • Add Rule Column: Selecting this option adds an additional column for rules to be set to True or False.
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