Edit or Remove Rules in Bulk (OP Labs)



Instructions for bulk removal or editing of rules in OP labs.
Length: 1:05.


This tool populates Google Sheets with rules from your Library to edit and/or remove them in bulk. See OP Labs Introduction if you have not downloaded the add-on in Google Sheets.


Open OP Labs from the add-ons in Google Sheets and select Bulk Compliance.

 Edit or remove multiple rules in bulk

Select Generate Template and a sheet titled Bulk Compliance is created. Change the Filter By section and click Get Rules to populate the cells with different rules.

 Toggle between filters to display different rules.

All the different rule settings are available as its own column in Google Sheets, and can be changed accordingly. After any edits, click Update Bulk Compliance and your changes will be saved. Selecting the Remove Rules options will remove all the rules from the application that are present in the sheet.

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