Upload App Files With API


This document is for users to utilize API calls to upload files onto the ObservePoint application using the ObservePoint API. The process of of uploading files via API starts with a GET call to obtain the folders, a POST call to create an upload file, and a PUT call to integrate the uploaded file onto the application. 

On the API Documentation page, search for the GET /folders call.

Select the Try it out tab and copy the URL https://api.observepoint.com/v2/folders next to Send Request.

Paste the URL in Postman. Select Header and type in Authorization for the Key. Go to your ObservePoint account settings and copy your API key. Paste the API key in the value box next to Authorization. In front of the API key type api_key.

Type in a second Key called Content-Type and enter the Value application/json.

Set the API call to GET and click Send. The Body text below will display a list of all the folders in your authorized account and the ID's of the folders. You will copy the id of the folder that you want to upload to.

Change the API call to POST and select the Body tab. In the Body tab there is a radio button for raw, select that and add the following:

{"name": "", "file": "", "platform": , "folderId": , "recipients": [ "" ] }

For the file, make sure you copy the exact file name that you will upload. Platform designates whether it is an Android or iOS app. 1 is for Android and 2 is for iOS. Copy the ID of the folder you wish to upload the new file to. Because it is not considered a string value, do not put the platform number or folderId in quotations. Recipients designate an email address where notifications will be sent. If you do not want to designate any email, delete the quotes after recipients.

Change the URL to https://api.observepoint.com/v2/apps/ and click the Send button for the POST API call.

If successful, an upload ID will be generated.

Change the request URL to https://upload.observepoint.com/v2/apps/, copy the upload ID from the previous step and append it onto the end of the URL and change the API call to PUT

Select form-data under Body and change the type from text to file. Also put the string appFile in for Key. After doing that the option to upload under Value will be available.

With the API call PUT, click send and if you get the upload ID again, that means your upload onto the application was successful. Wait a few moments for the upload to complete and check using an API call. Use the GET request method to see if the body returns "uploadState": "finished" to make sure your upload has completed successfully, or check the UI.

 Send a GET request with the upload ID to check the status of the upload.
 If the upload is successful it will display "finished" under uploadState.
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