Web Journey Manager FAQ


The following are common questions that users may run into while using Web Journey Manager (WJM), our chrome extension tool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: Where can the WJM extension be found?
      • A: Download the extension from the Chrome store here.
    • Q: Do I have to use a Chrome browser for WJM?
      • A: Yes. Firefox, Safari, Edge and other browsers are not supported in WJM.
    • Q: What is the maximum amount of selectors I can add to a step?
      • A: 15 selectors per step.
    • Q: Can I import pre-existing Journeys into WJM?
      • A: Yes, select the Import Existing Journey button and choose from a list of Journeys that you've created.
    • Q: How should I account for dynamic elements on a web page in WJM?
      • A: Adding multiple selectors to your journey increases the chance of locating it with subsequent runs.
    • Q: Can I use Chrome autofill settings during my WJM recording?
      • A: No, this is disabled when WJM is running. Input must be done manually.
    • Q: Instead of playing back the entire Journey, can I play back a specific step?
      • A: Yes, if you're on the page that step was originally executed on. Click on the ellipsis for the step and select Playback Step.
    • Q: After I save the journey I created in WJM, does it automatically run in the app?
      • A: Yes. If you don't want it to run, change the frequency to pause in the Journey Settings tab.
    • Q: Can I navigate to another page when I'm using Script Helper?
      • A: No, navigation to other pages is prevented until you turn Script Helper off.
    • Q: If I designate the wrong selector type, will WJM be able to detect that?
      • A: Yes, but WJM will not automatically change it to the correct selector type. If an error message is returned for the selector you designated, edit it and delete the other ones that don't work.
    • Q: After I have recorded a Journey in WJM does it automatically save?
      • A: No, you must fill in the Domain and User Agent field under Journey Settings and then click Save & Finish.
    • Q: Why can I not edit the selectors on a specific step?
      • A: Pause the recording to edit selectors on a step. This is a known issue and will be resolved soon.
    • Q: When I go to save my WJM, the following error (or something similar) is returned: [failed to localize] Invalid time submitted: xxxxxx-xxxxxx().
      • A: Under Journey Settings, either enter a Blackout period starting and ending time or toggle off the Blackout period.
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