Audit Exports


In the audit report screen there are many different types of reports that can be exported and used for various analytical purposes. These reports can contain things such as JavaScript errors, user-defined rules passed, cookies, console logs etc. Instead of looking at individual reports for each URL, aggregate reports are available for a holistic comparison.

Advanced Export

An advanced export allows you to specify a Vendor and choose an account you want to include for export. This can be accessed under Tag Summary and Advanced Export. For more details see Advanced Export.

 Available in the audit reports screen.

 Advanced export can also be found under Tag Summary.

 After selecting Tag Summary this is on the top right.

Other Exports

To access most other exports, click on the report of interest, click on view pages and then click on the export icon. If you wanted to export Missing Tags, click on view pages, the export icon, and a drop down menu with the option of exporting Missing Tags, Cookies and Console logs are available. If the reports are not available for export, they are faded out as an option.

 Click view pages to access the export options.

 Selection of missing tags will export an aggregate excel file for all URLs.

The export will contain a list of all of the URLs contained in the report. In association with the URL list, it will also contain every tag, every variable, and all variable data.

Variable Summary

If you want to export data for an individual variable click on Variable Summary. Then select the vendor of interest, account and either Values, Set, or Not Set. Following your selection, click on the export button and the option to export a variable summary is available.

 Export information for an individual variable.
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