Audit Exports


In the audit report screen there are many different types of reports that can be exported and used for various analytical purposes.

Basic Exports

You can select any type of export and request it with the Export button to the right. All audit exports will be delivered to your email in the form of a download link. ObservePoint supports the following types of basic exports:

  • Missing Tags
  • Tag Presence
  • Tag Versions
  • Tag Load Time
  • Duplicate Tags
  • Multiple Tags
  • Tag Status Codes
  • Cookies
  • Console Logs
  • Pages with Status Codes
  • Page Load Time
  • Request Log
  • Rules
Note: Tag version reports are no longer supported, but exports are supported.

Advanced Export

An Advanced Export allows you to specify a Vendor and choose any account(s) within that vendor that you want to include for export. This can be accessed under the Advanced Export ribbon. For more details see Advanced Export.

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