Using WJM to Create Audits With User Sessions


You can create an audit with a user session from the Web Journey Manager. Creating audits with user sessions generates both a web journey and a web audit in ObservePoint. The Web Audit will run through the steps that took place in the Web Journey Recording and then run an audit. Instead of manually creating each step within the Web Audit you can record all your steps in the Web Journey Recorder and over to the Web Audit allowing for smoother implementation of actions.

Creating Audits

Change the action on an existing step to User Session Audit or add a step on a recording by clicking on the ellipses (...). Click on Add New Step Below and select User Session Audit.

This creates a Web Audit along with a Web Journey Recording.

Enter the number of pages you want the audit to run and the regular expression or domain/path. The setup is essentially the same as a Web Audit. See Create or Edit an Audit for more information.

Set the number of pages and regular expression.

After you Save & Finish, any subsequent changes can be made inside of ObservePoint.

Note: Previously there was a limit of 5 steps for User Sessions, but that limit does not apply in WJM.

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