Advanced Export

Advanced export is an extensive download report. It includes all URLs and associated tags, variables, the number of JavaScript errors, status codes, load times, parent URLs etc. of a selected vendor. Advanced export is found on the audit reports screen on the left-hand navigation bar near the bottom of the page.

Available as its own tab on the left side of the page.


Select all vendors you wish to export and specify which accounts. If you do not specify an account, by default, it will export all accounts. Some vendors will have multiple account options while others may only have one. For example, if there are multiple data-layers integrated on your website there may be multiple selections available under "Which account(s) would you like to include?" Select the export button and the email associated with the user receives a download for an excel file.

Any vendor integrated on your website is available for selection.

An example of multiple accounts available to include for export.

Advanced Export Example 

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