Page Details Report


The Page Details report gives you deep insight into all data we collect on any page. You can access it by clicking on any URL in an Audit report.

The report is broken into the following tabs:

  • Page Information
  • Tags
  • Cookies
  • Request Log
  • Console Log
  • Tag Initiators
  • Rules

Page Information

This tab displays:

  • The Page Status Code
  • The Page Load Time
  • The Page Size
  • The Parent URL (which URL the audit found this URL on)
  • File Substitutions results (if applied)
  • A screenshot of the page


This tab shows you all the tags found on an individual page. You can search by tag, variable, or value to filter the list. You can also see the Tag Category, Tag Status Codes, and how many Requests were mapped to that specific Tag. If you click on any tag name to expand it you will see what variables were found and which account/request they were tied to. Use this to troubleshoot rule failures and do deeper, page level analysis.


You can search the cookies to filter them down to what you are interested in and by clicking on a cookie you will find additional details like the Name, Value, Domain, Expiration, HttpOnly, SameSite, and Secure setting. These are important when it comes to the security of your site and privacy of your users! See the Cookie Inventory for more details/descriptions.

Request Log

The Request Log tab will display all network requests captured on the specific page during the audit.

If you expand the request you can also see the Tag Icon, URL, Status Code, Load Time, and Geolocation.

Note: You can hover over any tag icon to see the name.

Note: Not all requests are tags! But you may find some requests that are tags, but aren't identified yet, and need to be added to the ObservePoint library. Send your Customer Success Manager the URL where the tag is present and the request URL itself to have us add the tag to our database, so we can identify it in future scans.

Console Log

As before you can see the Console Log messages for each individual page with any details captured including which tag, if any, it is associated with. You can either filter with the search bar or by selecting a specific message type. See the Browser Console Logs report for more details.

Tag Initiators

This report allows you to see the hierarchy of tags on the page (according to Google Chrome). This information is pulled from the Requests tab in your console. You can see a visual representation of these relationships at the top of this report (you can also click on this image to expand to full screen for easier viewing). Below the visual representation is a list of the the initiators in the order they initiated. Here you can click through and copy the request URL you are looking to hunt down.

This report is useful for tracking down where a rogue (piggy-backing) tag is coming from or identifying technologies firing outside of your TMS (hard-coded tags). This is especially relevant with Privacy.

Note: With this report it is always good to double check a relationship by using File Substitutions to block the request you think is initiating the call and seeing if that tag disappears from the audit.


Here you can see all of your Applied, Failed, Passing, and Rules Not Applied. You can expand any of the categories to see exactly why a rule is failing on a particular page.

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