FoxyProxy Extension: Configuring the LiveConnect Proxy

In order to use LiveConnect, you'll need to configure the LiveConnect Proxy through a browser extension or by changing the proxy settings on your device. This page shows how to set up and use the FoxyProxy extension for Chrome web browsers.

Install the FoxyProxy Extension

  1. Access the Chrome Web Store at
  2. Search for FoxyProxy Standard and install on Chrome.
  3. The installed plug-in should appear on your browser toolbar. 
    FoxyProxy on the Chrome toolbar

Using FoxyProxy

In a browser, access LiveConnect and select the Device and Profile you previously created. Click New Journey. Before you start recording, complete the following steps using the Proxy and Port indicated on the New Journey page.

  1. Click the FoxyProxy toolbar icon and select Options.
    FoxyProxy drop-down menu
  2. Click Add New Proxy. 
    Add New Proxy
  3. Select Manual Proxy Configuration and set the address and port as indicated in your ObservePoint Journey (each Journey has a unique port number). When enabled, only the Chrome browser uses the proxy server settings. 

    Manual Proxy Configuration
  4. After recording your Journey, access FoxyProxy in your browser toolbar and select Disable FoxyProxy. 

    Disable FoxyProxy
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