Adobe Cloud Platform Auditor


Adobe Cloud Platform Auditor is a page validation tool to help Adobe Experience Cloud users check their implementations whether they are code-based on each page or enabled with a tag manager. Included as a free add-on to the Adobe Experience Cloud, the tool lets you check how well your Adobe marketing technology performs against a battery of best-practice tests.

Adobe customers who are also ObservePoint customers have full access to the Auditor tests inside their ObservePoint account in addition to all the regular ObservePoint functionality. Auditor lets you audit 100 web pages at a time to validate that the Adobe tags are present and firing correctly on each page. It not only looks for the presence of Adobe Analytics, but other Adobe tags as well, including Audience Manager, Experience Cloud ID Service (formerly Marketing Cloud ID Service), and Target.

Getting Started

Adobe documentation on the Adobe Experience Cloud Help site. The content at this link is hosted and maintained by Adobe.

Turning on Auditor in an audit

Adobe Auditor Reporting

Auditor Test Reference Documents

The content for the following documents are hosted and maintained by Adobe.



Tag Consistency

Tag Presence

Additional Details

Auditor and Full ObservePoint Account Comparison

The Auditor, built into the Experience Cloud, has a restricted feature set compared to a full ObservePoint access.

Feature Auditor Full ObservePoint Account
Scan limit 100 pages Thousands of pages
Number of audits Unlimited Unlimited
Concurrent audits None Multiple
Advanced audit features Include and exclude pages Include and exclude pages
Geolocation proxies
Page actions
Full reporting
Edit and reprocess rules
Primary tag filtering
Tag owner management
Adobe Unit Tests 30+ 30+
Available tag technologies Adobe tags only Hundreds of marketing tags
Web journeys No Yes
App journeys No Yes
Concurrent servers 1 10
Access secure content No Yes
Audit scheduling No Yes
Custom rules (online SDR) No Unlimited
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