Adobe Auditor: IP Whitelisting

The ObservePoint data collection servers use multiple IP addresses to access your website or mobile app. These IP addresses need to be known for both firewall and analytics whitelisting.

Firewall Whitelisting

  • For security purposes, the ObservePoint IP addresses should be whitelisted to prevent a firewall from blocking traffic detected from the ObservePoint servers. To prevent your firewall from rejecting traffic from the ObservePoint servers, have your DevOps team whitelist all the IP addresses from the table below.

Analytics Whitelisting

  • For web analytics traffic, some analysts prefer not to include ObservePoint traffic in any of their analytics reports. If this is the case, whitelist all IP addresses from the list below in your Adobe analytics administration console.

Best practice for Auditor users is to make sure that all of the following IP addresses are whitelisted on your firewall.

  • -

If you do not want ObservePoint traffic showing up in your Adobe Analytics data, be sure to also whitelist these IP addresses in Adobe Analytics.

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