Manage Tags

The Primary Tags feature lets you define your most important tags, assign analysts to have ownership over them, list contact information about technical resources within the company, and enable tags for comparisons. It also gives users a place to list the vendor contact and associated cost, as well as add notes for other team members on any tag added to the list of managed tags.

The Manage Tags tab is located in Configurations. 

Adding tags to the list and editing associated tag information can only be done by account administrators. However, standard users can customize which tags in the list they want to turn on or off for their own audit and journey reports.

In the tag manager you may manage all your tags or just a few of your most vital ones. You can also flag some as primary tags, meaning that you would expect to find them on most every page or on pages you analyze frequently. These primary tags will be applied to your audit scores in both Tag Presence and the Tag Performance categories.

Adding Tags

Once inside the Manage Tags tab, use the search bar icon:

To look up tags and click the Add button in the search results to add them to the list. Once a tag is added to the list, you can enter contact information for the tag owners, technical specialists, and vendor representative. Enter a dollar amount if you wish to track costs for each tag and define it as a monthly, quarterly, or annual rate.

Primary Tags

Primary tags are the ones you work with most frequently or expect to be on nearly all pages. This will change and affect your Tag Presence and Tag Performance scores in your OP Scores on Audits.

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