Card Multi-Select

Multi-Select allows you to assign rules, add labels, or commence runs for multiple audits and Journeys with just one click. To select more than one card at once, click the Multi-select link at the top of My Cards screen.

Click the multi-select link at the top of the cards to apply bulk actions to more than one card at once.

Once in select mode, each card has a check-box that allows you to select the audits or Journeys you wish to change. A new orange Actions button shows on the right side of the screen to assign rules, add labels, or run on-demand.

To assign a rule to several cards at once:

  • Click Multi-select
  • Click on the individual cards you want to work on (or click Select All)
  • Click Actions -> Assign Rule
  • Choose the existing rules you want to apply (or create a new rule to apply)
  • Click Done to exit out of Multi-select mode.
Click Done to exit out of Multi-select mode.

Assigning rules to Journeys in this way creates Journey Rules that are applied to the Journey as a whole and not to individual steps.

To apply a label to more than one card, follow the same procedure as above, but select Add Labels and type the label(s) in the text box as your normally would for a single card. See Best Practices: Labels in Help.

To kick off a run of more than one audit or Journey on-demand, select the items as above and choose Run Now from the Actions button.

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