Accessing & Using the API Key

Your API key allows you to use the ObservePoint API, Web Journey Manager, and OP Labs. It is the credential for your user login and allows access into your account, so guard it carefully as you would any username or password.

Accessing the API Key

To access the API key, navigate to Account Settings. The API Key field is located below your user information. You can copy and paste the string wherever the API key is needed, such as in the Web Journey Manager. The key is approximately 100 characters in length.

The API Key is located below the user information on My Profile screen.

Clicking the Revoke & Set New button will remove and disable the current key and generate a new one.

Warning: If you regenerate your API key, all apps or scripts using the old one must be replaced with the new one in order to function. Once an API key has been revoked, it cannot be re-enabled; you must use a new key.

If a key does not show in your profile, click Generate New API Key. If the button does not show, API keys may not be turned on for your account; the key is only available to customers who have API access listed as part of their contract. Contact your Customer Success Manager if your API key doesn't show.

Using the API Key

Using the API key to access the ObservePoint API, Web Journey Manager, or OP labs is as simple as copying and pasting the key into the required field.

If you are hoping to access the ObservePoint API in a tool such as Postman or in some custom integration you choose to build, you will need to ensure that you use the correct format to authenticate.

The format that we require for API key authentication in the header of your request is:

"Authorization" : "api_key {insert api key here}"

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