App Summary Report

The App Summary report is a dashboard summarizing all the Journeys that have been created for the mobile app. It shows the app's opening screen, combined metrics for the Journeys, and a list of the tags most commonly found during the Journeys. A status icon shows if the Journey has failed rules or did not run successfully the last time.

The top of the screen shows metrics for all the Journeys combined:

  • The data quality, defined as percentage of rules passed:

    Successful Rules / Total Rules
  • The number of Journeys that have successfully completed:

    Completed Journeys / Number of App Journeys
  • The top tags found among all the Journeys.
 The app summary shows metrics and most commonly found tags.

The individual Journeys are summarized in lines below the metrics, showing each Journey's current run status, device, operating system, and how many rules failed, if any. Click on a Journey to open its full report.
 The app summary shows a list of all the Journeys for that mobile app.

The status of the latest run of the Journey.

The name of the Journey.

The app's device.

The operating system and version of the app.

An alert showing how many rules have failed.

Labels to organize the Journey

App Release Notes

Type information about the app in the App Release Notes box.

Create a New Journey

To add a new Journey to the app, click Create New Journey button on the top right of the screen.

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