App Center

The App Center is a place to manage all your mobile apps which have been uploaded into ObservePoint. After uploading an app from the Create New button, a card will show a summary of all the current activity with that app, including its operating system (Android or iOS) and status of the latest Journey run.

The app Journey card shows a screen shot of the opening screen of the app as well as  information about the most recent run:

  • The number of failed actions
  • The number of failed rules
  • The number of Journeys completed
  • The number of Journeys currently scanning
  • The number of Journeys not run

In addition, you can add labels at the bottom of the cards to help you organize them.

The App Center lets you display all Journey cards together, by folder, or by operating system. Choose a selection in the Group By drop down to change the arrangement.

 Group App Center cards from the dropdown in the top right area of the screen.

Upload a mobile app into the App Center by clicking the Create New button then the Upload App button at the top left of the main screen.

 Upload a mobile app from the Create New button.
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