Data Sources

The My Cards screen is the main screen that shows after gong to Data Sources within the app. Sometimes it is also called the Card View screen. Access it by clicking the My Cards button on the left navigation bar. This screen lets you see all the audit and Journey cards with options to filter, search, sort and group them.

Organizing My Cards

You can filter, group, and sort cards to organize the cards.


By default all cards show up in the My Cards screen, but when filtered, only the matching cards show. Filter by:

  • Clicking a card type
  • Entering a label
  • Entering a name

Filter the cards by clicking the checkbox for the type of card (Audits, Journeys, App Journeys). If cards have labels applied, enter a label to filter further.

Filtering on the check boxes hides or shows cards based on whether they are web audits, Journeys, or app Journeys.

Filtering on labels allow you to further organize your cards in a variety of ways. Enter labels to filter the list of cards; entering more than one label narrows the filtered results to those that have all the terms.

Each card has a bar at the bottom of it to create and assign one or more labels, such as discovery audits and large audits. Best practice is to keep the title of the card short and use labels to categorize it as many ways as you need.

Entering a name in the Filter by Name box limits the list of cards to match by card title.


Group By lets you show all the cards (Ungrouped) or display them by folders or domains and apps.

The top of the My Cards screen shows options for organizing and viewing the cards.

The Group By dropdown organizes the cards by either folder or domains/apps.

 Create a new folder when the dropdown has Folders selected.

 When Folders or Domains/Apps is selected, click to expand or collapse the list of cards.

 Expand or collapse individual folders, domains, or apps.

When searching Cards that are grouped by folders or domains/apps, only those folders, domains, and apps that contain cards matching the search are displayed. If a folder, domain or app has no items matching the search, you can choose to hide them until the search criteria is removed. Toggle back and forth by clicking on Hide Empty Groups/Show Empty Groups on the Card View screen.

Creating or Editing a Domain

Creating and editing domains is done inside an audit or Journey. On the domain selector inside the audit or Journey edit screen, select the domain from the drop down list. Domains are organized underneath folders; the folder you choose will determine the domains available. If the domain is not listed in a folder, create a new one by clicking the "create domain" link. Enter the domain name and data layer (if known). The new domain will be available to any audit or Journey created in that folder.

Create a domain from inside an audit or Journey screen.
Edit or delete a domain the same way you would a folder.
  • On the My Cards screen, group by Domain/App
  • Hover the mouse over the domain name to see the edit and delete icons
  • Click the edit icon to change the folder, domain name, or data layer
  • Click the delete icon to remove the domain entirely. Deleting a domain will also delete all audits or Journeys beneath it.

A domain can only exist in a single folder. However you can create the same domain name in other folders. For example, the folder  Production Sites may contain the domain, and if any other folder contained a name called, it would be a separate instance and the two domains would be completely unrelated.

 Edit or delete a domain by hovering over its name.

Edit or delete a domain by overing over its name in the My Cards screen. Deleting a domain also deletes any audits or Journeys underneath it.

Editing or deleting folders, domains with Bulk Operations

As an Admin, you can modify folders, domains, associated data layers, and labels under  Bulk Operations, found under Settings. This is helpful if you're wanting to make bulk changes, such as adding a new data layer object name to all of your domains, or deleting old/unused folders. 

Uploading or Editing an App

Upload an app from the Add New button on the left navigation bar. The new app shows up either in the App Center or in the My Cards screen when grouped by Domains/Apps.

Hover over the name to edit or delete an app.

Edit the app from My Cards by first grouping by Domains/Apps then hover the mouse over the app name to see the edit and delete icons.


Sort the cards by status, title (ascending and descending), date run, date modified, date created, and whether or not it is currently running.

Click an option from the Sort By drop down.

When grouping by folders or domains/apps, cards are sorted within their respective folders, domains, or apps.

Card or List View

To see the cards listed as full-sized cards or in a more compact list view, choose the view icons at the top right of the screen

 Click the View buttons to toggle between full-sized or list view.

No Cards in a Folder

If there are no cards in a folder, create an audit or Journey from the buttons in the folder or from the Create New button in the top left navigation bar.

You can create audits or Journeys in an empty folder.

 Stopping a Run

Sometimes an audit needs to be stopped mid-run because of a configuration or other mistake. To stop the audit, click on the card's ellipsis menu and choose Stop & Discard while the audit is running. The audit will stop and the data from its run will be discarded. It cannot be stopped while it is the queue waiting to run. All data from the incomplete run is discarded.

An audit must actually be running in order for it to be stopped; it cannot be stopped while waiting in the queue.
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