Tag Summary Report


The Tag Summary shows a synopsis of the results of every tag discovered during the audit. Each tag is listed down the left with the number of times that tag was counted in each category across the top. Use this report to quickly determine if the correct tags are on the site. A quick scan of the list may reveal the use of unauthorized tags or show that expected tags are not being set or not being set on as many pages as they should be. You can export this report in the top right corner.

The tags are listed down the Y-axis of the report. Only tags discovered during an audit show up; any tag that not in this report was not detected during the audit.

Report Categories

The categories across the top of the report correspond to detailed reports, most of which are found on the left sidebar. To see more detail, go to those reports on the left sidebar.

  • Pages Tagged
    • The Pages Tagged column shows how many pages were found with each vendor’s tag on them. See the Tag Presence Report.
  • Not Tagged
    • The Not Tagged column is the inverse of Pages Tagged. Subtract Pages Tagged from Total Pages to get the number of pages Not Tagged. See the Missing Tags Report.
  • Tag Versions
    • Tag Versions shows how many different versions of the tags were found in the audit and how many accounts (or report suites) the audit found for each. See the Tag Versions Report.
  • Duplicate Tags
    • Duplicate Tags pass the exact same data and are a symptom of inflated metrics. There are no use cases for analytics tags having duplicates on a page because it falsely increases the actual counts. It may be acceptable for other, non-analytics tags to have duplicates. For example, social tags might be repeated on the page with the exact same information. See the Duplicate Tags Report.
  • Multiple Tags
    • Multiple Tags are similar to duplicates, except the data will not be exactly the same. Multiple tags are used to send analytics to a standard report suite and a global report suite--such as in the case of Adobe Analytics--or to different Google accounts. Analytics tags used for link tracking will also be shown here. See the Multiple Tags Report.
  • Variables
    • The Variables column shows the number of variables collecting data on each tag during the audit. The values from the variables show up in their respective analytics reports. See the Variables Summary Report.

Selection Summary

Clicking the bars in the chart will filter the report. The Selection Summary at the top reflects the filtered metrics. See Audit Overview for information about the Selection Summary.

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