Missing Tags Report


The Missing Tags by Page report shows how many pages are not implemented with tags. If a tag is found on any page of the audit, it will show on this report if it is not firing on every page. The chart is designed to show at a glance which tags might not be fully implemented across the site. This report is the inverse of the Tag Presence by Page report.

If a tag is not found on the page but expected, the page URL is saved so it can be examined again. A page will be rendered up to three times if a tag is not found on it just to be sure that the tag is not actually there.

Clicking into an account shows the Selection Summary screen and displays the number of pages that did not fire the tag for each account. The top bar of the Selection Summary screen shows the total number of pages that do not have the vendor’s tag in any account. See Audit Overview for information about the Selection Summary.

Additional Functionality

The chart shows how many pages need to have tags implemented on them. The circled numbers represents the number of accounts by vendor, while their position on the chart indicates the approximate number of pages. If a tag was found on every page, the circled number will be at 0. On the chart below, 1 Adobe report suite needs 0 pages tagged (or all pages have an Adobe Analytics tag on them), 1 report suite that needs about 20 pages to be tagged, and 1 report suite needs just over 80 pages tagged. Google Analytics has 1 account that needs 0 pages to be tagged.

Selection Summary

Clicking the bars in the chart will filter the report. The Selection Summary at the top reflects the filtered metrics. See Audit Overview for information about the Selection Summary.

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