Tag Presence Report


The Tag Presence Report allows a user to see implementation rates for all tags found during an audit. The graph shows the number of pages tagged with the given vendor and the number of pages for each account or report suite. This report is the inverse of the Missing Tags report.

Drill into this report to discover the number of accounts on each page. Clicking on the tag name in the Y-axis shows the specific accounts under each tag and the number of pages tags from each account are found on. Filter the report by clicking bars to see the results change in the Selection Summary.

This report provides ready-made information that we’ve found to answer many questions about your tag implementation, such as if your tags are collecting to production or development accounts. If your web site is live, you would expect your data to be collected in production accounts only. This report allows you to quickly see if there are other accounts that shouldn’t be collecting data. It is possible to export all audit data to Excel and analyze this information from there.

Additional Functionality

The numbered circles represent the specific accounts for that line. Clicking a vendor expands the graph to reveal all the accounts or report suites for that tag. See Audit Reports Overview for information on additional information on the Selection Summary.

Click View Pages to drill down to see all the pages that match the current filter. The View Pages link is in the upper right corner of the Selection Summary.

  1. Select one or more bubble numbers on the graph
  2. Click View Pages to see a list of all the pages with the selected tags and accounts on them
  3. Click on a specific tag to see the data collected from the page

Selection Summary

Clicking the bars in the chart will filter the report. The Selection Summary at the top reflects the filtered metrics. See Audit Overview for information about the Selection Summary.

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