Multiple Tags Report


The Multiple Tags Report shows any tags firing more than once on the same page. Generally multiple tags are not a problem by themselves, but this report helps you know if you are tracking events that occur after the page loads. However, in some cases, this can help you identify that the page is repeating some metrics. This report is different from the Duplicate Tags Report because the data that is sent is not exactly the same as it would be with a duplicate tag.

Use Cases

Multiple requests might be sent for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Tracking clicks on a page
  • Tracking downloads
  • Recording video playback metrics
  • AJAX actions when a full page is not loaded
  • Capturing user interactions with the page, such as scrolling
  • Sending data to a global account or report suite

Additional Information

Clicking a tag vendor shows you accounts with the number of multiple requests for the tag.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if more than one instance of a tag firing on a page is a multiple or a duplicate. They can look similar, and in some instances, a tag showing on the Multiple Tags Report can actually have the effect of duplicating the metrics.

Recognizing Multiples

This helps you understand if your tags are under control. Multiple tags on a page could mean that the page is passing additional data after the page has been loaded or has a separate tag load. Both of these are valid use cases, but you should know what data your pages are collecting so you can track and manage it appropriately.

If pages have link tracking, videos, or other activity recorded after the page has loaded, use this report to see what data is collected and confirm that it is being collected as expected. Link tracking will send an image request for some or all links on the page when clicked. Video activity may be recorded while a video plays and the player sends milestone data. These and other activities recorded on the pages can be useful for analyzing the user behavior on a page.

Recognizing Duplicates

There is a possibility that multiple tags on a page indicates the metrics for a page are being counted more than once for the same page view. If a page is firing more than one version of the tag when the page loads and the data is going to the same account, it is likely a duplicate tag and would show up in the Duplicate Tags Report, not in this one.

Similarly, if a page is sending slightly different information to the same account as the page loads, then it can also indicate that the data is being duplicated in your analytics report. But this scenario would not show up in the Duplicates report because some of the information passed is different. This case would show up in the Multiple Tags Report.

Selection Summary

Clicking the bars in the chart will filter the report. The Selection Summary at the top reflects the filtered metrics. See Audit Overview for information about the Selection Summary.

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