Duplicate Tags Report


The Duplicate Tags Report shows if there are any tags firing on the same page that are exactly the same. Duplicate tags inflate the counts in their respective reports, such as page views. There is no good use case for having duplicates of analytics tags on any page because it is sending redundant data. This report is different from the Multiple Tags report because multiple tags pass data that is not exactly the same.

Non-analytics tags might legitimately have duplicates. A social tag for example might appropriately appear more than once on a page and pass the exact same data.

Additional Functionality

The numbered circles on the graph represent accounts and show the number of duplicate server calls for that tag by account.

Clicking a tag expands the graph to reveal all the accounts or report suites that contain the duplicate data. In the report the requests number is bolded if there were duplicate requests.

  • Click View Pages to drill down to see the details of all the pages that match the selections.
  • Select one or more bubble numbers on the graph.
  • Click View Pages to see a list of all the pages with the selected tags and accounts on them.
  • Click on a specific page to see the data collected from the page.

Selection Summary

Clicking the bars in the chart will filter the report. The Selection Summary at the top reflects the filtered metrics. See Audit Overview for information about the Selection Summary.

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