Create and Manage a Folder

Account Organization

Folders are the top level of your account structure. Folders contain domains and apps. Domains contain audits and Journeys; apps contain mobile Journeys. Folders, domains and apps can be created and edited from the My Cards screen.

However, by default, only cards show in the My Cards screen; the folders and domains are hidden. To view folders or domains, choose a Group By option to list cards within their folders or domains.

Folders can be used to organize audits and Journeys in multiple ways to make it easy to find audits, user Journeys and apps. A large number of folders might be grouped:

  • Alphabetically by web site or mobile app (A-E, F-K, etc.).
  • Per client (a large agency with dozens of clients might separate each client's audits into folders, sharing them only with those who work on that client's accounts).
  • Per analyst (each analysts could have their own folder).

Folders can be shared with any user; users with access to a folder can see all the domains, apps, audits and user Journeys inside of it. If you are an admin, you can share folders with other users to give them access to a set of audits, Journeys, or apps.

Folder Management

New accounts may not have any folders, domains or audits created. Or a new user might not have any folders shared with him. But while creating an audit or Journey, you will be prompted to create a folder and domain or upload an app. To manage existing folders use the grid icon in the top right to go to the bulk operations screen:

Creating, Editing, and Deleting a Folder

Create a folder in one of two ways:

  • When the My Cards screen is grouped by folder
  • From the audit or Journey edit screen.
Click the Create New Folder link to add a new folder to the list.

Edit a folder by hovering over it and clicking the pencil icon.

Click Create New Folder when Group By is set to Folders to make a new folder. Type the name you want to give it and click Save Folder. The new folder will be added to the list in My Cards.

Edit the folder by hovering over its name and clicking on the edit icon. Or delete it by clicking the trash can. Deleting a folder also removes all domains, audits, and Journeys residing in the folder as well as their data. Deleting is unrecoverable.

When creating or editing an audit or Journey, create a new folder on-the-fly from the folder selector. Click Create Folder, enter a name and click Save.

Create a folder inside the audit or Journey edit screen.

Sharing Audits

Audits, Journeys, domains, and apps are shared at the folder level. If you are an admin, you can choose to share an audit, Journey, domain, or app by sharing the folder they reside in. Choose which users can see the contents of this folder by going into the Account Settings, selecting one or more users, and clicking on the Share Folders button to select the folders to share with them.

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