Page Load Time Report

This report shows the length of time it takes for pages to load within the audit. For help on troubleshooting slow load times, see the Page Load Time Troubleshooting KB article.

While there are several definitions of page load time, the definition we use is as follows:

The time (in seconds) from the moment of initiating a first network request on a page to the moment of receiving a response for last collected network request.

The report is divided into five separate sections where pages that load in a specific time frame are placed: 0-3 seconds, 3-6 seconds, 6-10 seconds, 10-20 seconds, and 20+ seconds. According to the best practice and industry standard, pages should load around three seconds.

Selection Summary

Clicking the bars in the chart will filter the report. The Selection Summary at the top reflects the filtered metrics.

See Audit Overview for information about the Selection Summary.

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