Configuring the SDR Builder (OP Labs Only)

When you’ve entered and saved your credentials, SDR Builder creates a sheet called Config. This contains the login credentials to use the API for both your ObservePoint and analytics accounts. Other tabs are created automatically as you use the tool.

The Config tab lists all the report suites in your Adobe account so you can conveniently select the correct one for different functions in the tool. This tab is automatically created when you save your credentials in Settings. If you ever need to regenerate the sheet, return to Settings, re-enter and save your credentials again.

The other columns help you create custom rules for your Adobe variables, which you can then import into ObservePoint. Many of these columns correspond to columns on the Evars, Props and Events sheets and are used to help you generate custom validation rules in ObservePoint.

Warning: If you add additional content to this tab, make a backup copy of it because any custom values you add will be removed when the Config tab is regenerated.

Scope: Define each of the main sections on your site, including product areas, blogs, company information, and so forth. This is the most important area for creating variable rules. These definitions should match the values you have in the Site Sections (channel) variable.

Scope Def: Enter a Regular Expression to define each of the site sections. Generally these definitions follow your URL paths. Examples:

Scope Scope Definition (Regular Expression)
Products /products/.+
Looks for anything in the products directory.
Blogs /blogs/.+
Looks for anything in the blogs directory.
Help & KB (\?kbid=[\d]+)&title=.*
Looks for URLs with kbid and title in the query string.
European News /[0-9]{4}/[0-9]{2}/[0-9]{2}/europe/.+\.html
Looks for year/month/day, followed by the region, article name and html extension.

Delimiter: If your variable values use delimiters, make a complete list of them here to be referenced by the individual variables.

Format: These are common Regular Expressions that define what kind of characters are allowed in variables. Add custom rules to this list in Regular Expressions (see to test your formulas). Set Methods: This includes all the ways in which the analytics variables are set. They might be set by a tag management system, from a processing rule, from the data layer, hard coded on the page, or any combination. Add any other methods your site uses that are not listed here.

Warning: The Config tab contains essential login and credential data and allows you to create custom rules based on your data. It must not be deleted. However, if it is deleted, you can reconstruct it by re-entering and saving your credentials in the Settings.

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