SDR Builder Overview (OP Labs Only)


The ObservePoint SDR Builder is an OP Labs tool that allows you to create and manage a map of all your analytics variables in a Google Sheet. It sits between your Adobe Analytics and ObservePoint accounts to help you create a reference for your data collection and create custom rules to validate your analytics audits. Speak to your ObservePoint Customer Success Manager if you're interested in this functionality.

Warning: The SDR Builder is a powerful tool that can save you a lot of effort in creating or updating your SDR. But because of that power, it also can upload settings to your analytics account and modify your report structure and variable settings.

What is an SDR?

The term SDR stands for Solution Design Reference, an Adobe Analytics term that has widespread adoption in the world of web analytics. It’s also known as a variable map, a tech spec, or a site reference. But whatever it is called, it is an essential document that describes how your analytics implementation collects and stores data, listing each dimension and metric and documenting how they are populated. It is based on the requirements for the web site and created by the lead analyst and lead developer in order to have a document that any developer or analyst can use to set up analytics on any new page or site or to understand the data that is being collected.

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