Changing Profile Information and Password

Changing Your Own Profile

Any user may change their own profile information. To change the profile information:

  • Click "Account Settings" to see the profile information.
  • Click "Edit" to change any of the information fields.

You must enter your current password to change a password.

A forgotten password may be reset by clicking "Forgot Password" on the Sign In screen and entering their username. The user will receive an email with a new, randomly generated password. The user may change the password after logging in from "Account Settings."

Changing Other User Profiles

Only an administrator may change profile information of other users.

  • Click "Account Settings" to see the profile information.
  • Click "Users" to see the list of all users in the system.
  • Find the user you want to change and click the pencil icon.
  • Edit any of the fields and click "Folder Access" to set permissions for this user.
  • Click "Save Changes" to commit the changes.
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