Manage Users


A username can be any alphanumeric string that is four or more characters long. Usernames must be unique across all ObservePoint users in your account.

Creating Users

To create a new user, you must have administration privileges.

  1. Click on the grid icon and choose "Account Users".
  2. Click "New User" in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the following fields and click "Continue" to go to the next section of the form:
    • First Name/Last Name (required)
    • Enter the user's first and last names.
    • Username (required)
    • Create a unique username that is at least four characters long.
    • Email (required)
    • Enter the user's email. This is used for recovering the password.
    • User Time Zone (required)
    • Select a time zone from the drop-down list. The time zone is used to display the run time of the audits and converts it to the user's time zone.
    • User Type (required)
    • After clicking "Continue," choose a role for the user. Standard users have full rights to create, run, edit, view, and export any audit or Journey inside the shared folder. Read-Only users can only view and export reports within the folders that are shared with them. All accounts have an admin user who can control all the settings for the account and add new users. ObservePoint creates the admin user.
    • Folder Sharing (optional)
    • Click on each folder that the new user should have access to. Users do not need to be assigned to a folder, but they will be very limited in what they can do and will not be able to see any audits or folders.


A password will be sent to the user's email address. The user will need to login the first time and change the password by clicking into their user profile and choosing to change it. The current password must be typed in before it can be changed. A password must be secure because of the sensitive nature of the data collected by ObservePoint. Best practice is to use three or more unrelated words without spaces that includes non-alphabetic characters. A password should be easy for you to remember and difficult for a computer to guess. Minimum length for a standard password is 6 characters. Both usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

Strong Passwords

If strong passwords are enabled on your account, an administrator can choose require them for all users. When creating a strong password, the criteria are listed and checked off on the screen as the user types the new password. Strong passwords are subject to the following:

  • Password expiration: 30 days
  • Time before an old password can be reused: 12 months
  • Minimum length: 8 characters
  • Must contain at least:
    • 1 lowercase letter
    • 1 uppercase letter
    • 1 number or special character: +-.,!@#$%^&*();\/|<>"'

Folder Sharing

Folders can be shared with or hidden from other users. By default, only the creator of a folder and administrators can see a folder, but the administrator can share it with other users. This can be done in two ways, 1) from inside the folder itself or 2) in Manage Users under Account Settings.

Sharing From Manage Users

Sharing from inside Manage Users allows you to share multiple folders with individual users. To share from Manage Users:

  • Click into Account Settings > Manage Users on the top right navigation bar.
  • Choose one or more users by clicking the checkbox next to the name(s).
  • Click on "Share Folders" to see a list of all the folders that can be shared.
  • Click on each folder you want to share with these users and save your changes by clicking the Share Folders button
  • Exit without saving any changes by clicking the Cancel button.

Deleting Users

If you cannot delete a user, it is likely because that user is an Account Admin. To remove these users, contact our support team through the help widget in the bottom right corner or by emailing and we can delete the user for you.

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