Sharing Folders

Sharing (Administrators only)

Folders can be shared with or hidden from other users. By default, only the creator of a folder and administrators can see a folder, but the administrator can share it with other users. This can be done in two ways, 1) from inside the folder itself or 2) in Manage Users under Account Settings.

Sharing From Manage Users

Sharing from inside Manage Users allows you to share multiple folders with individual users. To share from Manage Users:

  • Click into Account Settings > Manage Users on the top right navigation bar.
  • Choose one or more users by clicking the checkbox next to the name(s).
  • Click on "Share Folders" to see a list of all the folders that can be shared.
  • Click on each folder you want to share with these users and save your changes by clicking the Share Folders button
  • Exit without saving any changes by clicking the Cancel button.
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