Usage Report


The Usage Report gives you high-level information on how users are interacting with the ObservePoint platform. Access it from the bottom left-hand navigation bar by selecting Usage. This is only available to Admins. The metrics in this report are as follows:

Usage Dashboard

  • Users Logged In Last 30 Days
  • Total # of Audits
  • Total # of Journeys


  • Pages Scanned in Last 13 Months
  • Pages Scanned This Month
  • Completed Audit Pages Scanned per Month
  • Completed Audit Runs per Month 
  • Completed or Scheduled Audit Runs
  • Completed or Scheduled Audits


  • Actions Executed in Last 13 Months
  • Completed Journey Runs in Last 13 Months
  • Monitored Journeys
  • Remaining Journey Fixes
  • Completed Journey Actions Executed per Month
  • Completed Journey Runs per Month
  • Completed or Scheduled Journey Runs 
  • Completed or Scheduled Journeys
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