Add or Edit a Domain

Domain Overview

Domains are part of the organizational structure of WebAssurance; they are stored in folders and hold audits. Your contract determines how many domains you may create. Best practice is to store all audits inside their respective domains.

Field Descriptions

From inside a folder, click Create New > Domain in the upper left navigation bar and fill in the following fields.

  • Folder (required)
    • You may store the domain in any folder you wish by choosing from the Folder dropdown. If you want to move the domain to another folder later on, edit the domain and change Folder to the new location. To edit the domain, go into the folder where the domain resides and click on the upper right corning of the domain icon and choose Edit.
  • Name (required)
    • Give a name that describes the main property, such as Or give it a name that describes its purpose, such as "Marketing Site."
  • Domain (required)
    • The primary domain, such as http://observepoint.comThe protocol is required (http:// or https://). Secondary domains, such as,, or are automatically recognized as a part of the primary domain
  • Data Layer (optional)
    • This field is optional because not all websites have a data layer. A data layer contains variables that can be written once and used multiple times as a page loads. For example, the page name might be written to the data layer and used by several analytics tags. If you don't know your site's data layer, leave it blank until you find it.
    • You may list multiple data layers delimited by commas in this field. If found, all listed data layers will show up in the reports as accounts under Data Layer. Multiple domains are only compatible with the Chrome browser.
      There is a limit of 500 variables that can be captured per data layer. If there are more than 500, the audit or Journey will automatically prioritize the variables and collect the ones that are used in rules first.
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