Folder Level

Domains and Apps in Folders

A folder contains domains and apps. Click to open it.

From inside the folder you can:

  • Access the folder’s audits and user Journeys by opening a domain.
  • Access mobile user Journeys by clicking into the apps tab.
  • Share the folder with other users by clicking the share button in the upper right corner. Any folder shared with other users also shares all the audits and Journeys in that folder. Only administrators can share folders.
  • Change the name of the folder by clicking the edit button in the upper right corner.
  • Sort the folder contents by name or created date. Click the arrow by the sort label to sort ascending or descending.
  • Search for a domain or app in the folder if it contains a long list. Typing in the search box filters the list on-the-fly.

Organizing and Managing Domains and Apps

Domains contain audits and Journeys from a single website. Each app may have many tests. The number of domains that can be audited or apps that can be uploaded in an account is determined by contract.

Domain Options

Open a domain to access its audits and Journeys by hovering the mouse over it and clicking Open.

Manage a domain by clicking on its upper right corner and choosing an option:


Change the settings for the domain: edit the name, domain, or data layer, or move it to a new folder.

New Audit

Create a new audit to run on the domain.

New Journey

Create a new Journey to run on the domain.

App Options

Click on the Apps tab to view and manage mobile apps.

  • Open the test summaries by clicking the app.
  • Manage the app by clicking on its upper right corner and choosing Edit.


Change the settings for the mobile app, including its name, email addresses for notifications, platform, and app to upload. Any app uploaded overwrites the current app.

Add Journey

Add a new user Journey to a test in the mobile app.

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