Mobile Deep Linking


ObservePoint’s AppAssurance gives users the ability to test every aspect of deep linking from tag implementation on landing pages to ensuring that all links are configured correctly for different platforms and devices. Deep links allow you to easily access specific app content without having to go through the entire workflow to access it. Mobile Marketers use deep links to direct users to a landing page that may align with a feature push or to a promotional page within an app. By adding a flexible deep link architecture to your application scheme, you’ll be able to drive user engagement and create a better overall user experience.

Redirection After Authentication

Apps that require authentication need a set of steps in the Journey to log in. Use the same steps to log in even when using a custom deep link. For example, if the app requires a login after launch, you will need to login correctly to the app immediately after launching it. You will be redirected back to the deep link landing page after the authentication steps complete.

Breaking Down the Deep Link URL

Deep links follow a specific URL format, which is universally used by all mobile platforms:


Here is an example deep link which opens the Facebook app and links to the user's profile:



This tells the operating system what app will be launched. The scheme must be registered with the device.


The host is essentially the same as a server or website name on the web. Multiple hosts can be handled within an app.


It allows the developer to supply additional information to help define the location within an app.

The host and path of the URL serve to define the unique location of the specific page. Deep-link URLs have the same format across all Mobile Platforms.

Step by Step

  1. Select the Create New button and choose Mobile Journey
  2. There are two options In the Journey Setup modal, under "Launch Application from":
    • App home screen: this will launch your app as normal and will take you to the app landing page
    • Deep-link URL: this will launch the application directly to the deep link screen
  3. If you select deep link URL, an input field will be displayed underneath
  4. Enter your deep link URL into the input field
  5. Click Continue to start creating your Mobile Journey

The emulator will launch to your deep-linked landing page when the Journey runs.

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