Facebook Ads Integration

Implementation Steps

Integrating Strala into your Facebook Ads implementation is a straightforward process that involves the following steps:

  1. Granting Strala access to Facebook Ads account
  2. Setting the URL parameter for new ads
  3. Setting the URL parameter for existing ads

Grant Strala Access to Facebook Ads Account

Strala will need permission to read data from your Facebook Ads account. This permission enables us to automatically pull Facebook Ads metadata into your Strala Metadata Repository, eliminating manual work on your end. This also allows us to pull cost and usage metrics into the Strala Journey Stream Repository, which is foundational for marketing ROI analysis.

Strala will send you an email that contains an authorization link. Clicking this link will begin the process that grants Strala access to read data from your Facebook Ads account. Once account access is granted, Strala will read data from your Facebook Ads account to keep your Strala Metadata Repository in sync with Facebook Ads.

Setting the URL parameter for new ads

Strala will need the following Strala URL parameter code added to the end of your ad's URL parameter, where {{ad.id}} is the dynamic URL parameter Facebook uses to fill in the Ad ID at runtime:


The entire tracking template might look something like this upon completion:


Adding the information into the URL for correct data capture includes the following steps:

Step 1: Create the draft of the new ad by creating a new ad or duplicating an existing ad

Step 2: Place the Strala URL parameter code into the URL Parameters section of the ad

The final URL parameter will look like the following when it comes through at run time:


Setting the URL parameter for existing ads

Facebook Ads only allows setting URL parameters at the ad level. Facebook provides a bulk update mechanism to make this process straightforward, but it will place ads under review. As a result, you may want to consider a stepped approach to updating URL parameters for existing Facebooks ads.

The process to update existing Facebook ads via the bulk updater is as follows:

Step 1: Select all the ads you want to bulk update and Export > Selected

Step 2: Open the exported Excel file and update only the URL Tags column with the following code. 

If you already have parameters you want to keep, you will need to put the preceding code at the end of the string and use an "&" at the front of the Strala URL code - ie. &strala_id=fb-1-{{ad.id}}

Step 3: Save the changes to the file.

Step 4: In the Bulk Import window in Ads Manager, click Choose File. Choose your saved Excel file and then click Import.

Step 5: Review Changes to publish your changes. Check the items you want to publish and then click Publish.

By changing the URL Tags for your Ads, your Ads will be put under review. You may consider rolling out the changes by Campaign or Ad Set.

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