LinkedIn Ads Integration

Note: LinkedIn currently does not allow customers to edit Direct Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, video ads, or carousel ads.

Editing Direct Sponsored Content is currently in beta and not available to all advertisers at this time while LinkedIn does not have the functionality to edit Sponsored InMail, video ads, or carousel ads.

Implementation Steps

Integrating Strala into your LinkedIn Ads implementation is a straightforward process that involves the following steps:

  1. Granting Strala access to LinkedIn Ads account
  2. Setting the URL parameter for new ads

Grant Strala Access to LinkedIn Ads Account

Strala will need permission to read data from your LinkedIn Ads account. This permission enables us to automatically pull LinkedIn Ads metadata into your Strala Metadata Repository, eliminating manual work on your end. This also allows us to pull cost and usage metrics into the Strala Journey Stream Repository, which is foundational for marketing ROI analysis.

Upon request Strala will send you an email that contains an authorization link. Clicking this link will begin the process that grants Strala access to read data from your LinkedIn Ads account. Once account access is granted, Strala will read data from your LinkedIn Ads account to keep your Strala Metadata Repository in sync with LinkedIn Ads.

Setting the URL parameter for new ads

Strala will need the following Strala URL parameter code added to the end of your each ad's URL, with <strala touchpoint id> representing the ID in the Strala Metadata Repository:

strala_id=<strala touchpoint id>

The entire URL might look something like this upon completion:

Because LinkedIn does not have functionality to edit existing ads, the strala_id parameter needs to be added during the LinkedIn ad creation process. Adding the parameter into the URL for correct data capture includes the following steps for the following ad types in LinkedIn:

Step 1: Create the touchpoint code (tracking code) in Strala, which will correspond to your LinkedIn ad

Step 2: Append the touchpoint code to the end of the url using the URL parameter convention listed above

Direct Sponsored Content Ads

Step 1: Create the Strala touchpoint code (tracking code) in Strala with the landing page URL in the Base URL attribute before you create the LinkedIn sponsored content ad

Step 2: Copy the URL from Strala and paste it in as the landing page URL for the LinkedIn sponsored content ad

If you change any part of the landing page URL in LinkedIn sponsored content ads while you are still creating the ad, it will try to dynamically create the introductory text based on the new URL. If you need to change URL, make sure you copy the introductory text before making the change.

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