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There are two types of events you can submit into Strala JourneyStream through the Online Event plugin:

  1. Conversion Events
  2. Touchpoint Interaction Events

Conversion Events

Conversion Events are key milestones people hit on their journey. These types of events might include becoming a lead, submitting a form, or making a purchase.

Conversion Events are attributable, which means we want to attribute them to Touchpoint Interaction Events that led up to the Conversion Event. This allows us to distribute "credit" for the Conversion Event to the various marketing activities that preceded the Conversion Event.

Touchpoint Interaction Events

Touchpoint Interaction Events are events that happen when people interact with something you have tagged with a Strala Touchpoint ID. These types of online events might include clicking through a paid search ad, clicking through an email link, interacting with a high value page on your site, or clicking through a display ad.

Touchpoint Interaction Events are non-attributable, which means they happen independent of any Conversion Event so we're not trying to attribute them to anything - we hope they lead to the customer doing something (a Conversion Event), but there is no guarantee.

Plugin Usage

When using the plugin, the following properties are used for configuration:

  • event_id : The ID for the tracked event
  • event_type : conversion or touchpoint
  • event : Medium level of granularity for a tracked event (conversion event only)
  • event_source : Highest level of granularity for a tracked event (conversion event only)

NOTE: When event_type = conversion, two additional options are available (event and event_source). These options are not tracked on a touchpoint event.

Tracking Granularities

option type description
event_id string Lowest level of granularity. Ex. <campaign-id> or<form-id>
event string Medium level of granularity. Ex. contact_form, request_demo_button, or support_request
event_source string The highest level of granularity. Ex. form, button, or chat
NOTE: event_id allows for a special syntax to attach additional pieces of data for Conversion Events. Data should be attached in order of importance and can be delimited with a pipe ( |) to allow for additional insight. Ex. <session-id>|<form-id>. For Touchpoint Interaction Events, the event_id needs to be a Strala Touchpoint ID.

Example use of the Online Event Plugin for a Conversion Event within a Marketo form:
  const conv = {

Example use of the Online Event Plugin for a Touchpoint Interaction Event associated with a Marketo form submission:
  const tpi = {

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