Salesforce - Opportunity Association Events

Contact Association events are required when you know the Opportunity object will be used to fire Conversion Events into Strala.

This event will have at least one part:

  1. The Opportunity to Account association

The Opportunity Association Events

This will fire an Association Event into JourneyStream that allows us to tie Opportunities to Accounts.

Start a new process

To create this process, go to Process Automation > Process Builder > New

Name the Process

Name the process Strala Opportunity Events and have the process start when a record changes

Add the object

Choose the Opportunity object as the object that the criteria will be evaluated against. To do this, select Add Object to find and select the Opportunity object. Select when a record is created or edited . Under Advanced, check the box that allows for Recursion.

Add Opportunity has Account criteria

Add criteria by selecting Add Criteria and then name the criteria Opportunity has Account. Select Conditions are met for the criteria for executing actions. Set two conditions and make sure All the conditions are met for the event to fire:
Field Operator Type Value
[Opportunity].AccountId Is null Boolean False
[Opportunity].AccountId Is changed Boolean True

Set immediate actions for Lead has Strala UUID

Create an Immediate Action by selecting Add Action and name the action Send Association to JourneyStream. Choose the Post Association to JourneyStream as the Apex Class and set the following variables and select Save:
Field Type Value
Child ID Field Reference [Opportunity].Id
Parent ID Field Reference [Opportunity].AccountId
Child Type String opportunity_id
Parent Type String account_id
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