Strala Touchpoint Modules

Strala TouchPoint Modules

Strala Attribute Module
The Attribute Module is where you identify the attributes your company will use to establish your marketing taxonomy. This is where you govern both the attributes and the values associated with those attributes. For example, if you track the marketing channel type associated with your promotions, you would create an attribute named Channel Type and fill in standard values such as Email | Website | Paid Search | etc. This allows you to govern the attributes and values so data remains clean and organized across the company before it starts flowing in. Strala provides you with a list of standard attributes and attribute values as a starting point out of the box.

Touchpoint Tracking Code Module

Strala Touchpoint Tracking Code Module
The Touchpoint Tracking Code Module is where you create touchpoint tracking codes, which represent marketing promotions or elements of a marketing promotion. You use the attribute values from the Attribute Module to assign the data associated with each touchpoint tracking code. These associations are what provide data governance and will allow you to analyze campaign performance at varying degrees of detail.

Touchpoint Beacon

The Touchpoint Beacon is the code that enables Strala to capture interactions with Strala-tagged ads, pages, and other assets. The Touchpoint Beacon identifies these interactions and places them into the Strala Journey Stream.

Journey Stream

The Journey Stream is the vehicle and repository for your touchpoint interaction history. Strala can send this data into your data warehouse or web analytics platform for your use and analysis.

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