ObservePoint Applications: Page Performance


ObservePoint offers three primary solutions for those interested in measuring page performance:

  • Page Load Time Report
  • Page Performance Details Custom Tag
  • Google Lighthouse Integration

Page Load Time Report

The Page Load Time Report is included in every audit. The official definition of load time is: the time (in seconds) from the moment of initiating a first network request on a page to the moment of receiving a response for last collected network request. This helps you get a pulse for how long a page is taking to load all of its resources. Because it was designed primarily for troubleshooting tagging issues, e.g. users move on before tags load, it is not as comprehensive as other page performance solutions.

For documentation on the Page Load Time Report, click here.

Page Performance Details Custom Tag

ObservePoint's custom tags are Javascript snippets that you can add paste into an Audit action to expand the data we collect on each page.

The Page Performance Details custom tag offers a much more granular view of page load metrics. 

Some of the metrics it collects include:

  • DNS timing
  • Domain connection timing information
  • Request and response timing information
  • DOM content load
  • Page load timing information
  • Redirection timing information (if there is a redirect)

For more details on what this tag collects and how to apply it on your next audit, click here.

Google Lighthouse Integration

The Google Lighthouse integration is our most comprehensive page performance tool. Google Lighthouse takes the performance metrics that Google uses in their search engine algorithm. It also inspects pages for best practices in SEO, accessibility, and mobile friendly design.

For more documentation on the Google Lighthouse integration, click here.

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