ObservePoint Applications: Mobile App Validation


ObservePoint offers two primary tools for Mobile Application Validation: AppAssurance & LiveConnect.

Note: Verify with your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager that this feature is within the scope of your contract.


AppAssurance allows you to upload an app to ObservePoint and record yourself interacting with elements in your mobile app. We record those interactions in what we call App Journeys. Each swipe, tap, and keypress is recorded automatically and can be replayed. Also each step along the way can have custom rules applied to make sure the app it passing the correct analytics data. For those already familiar with Journeys, App Journeys are very similar. You can see an example of a Journey report here.

To see some of the configuration options and walk through how to set up an App Journey, click here.


LiveConnect enables you to connect to any WiFi-enabled device and run test scripts on the spot to ensure data collection matches your expectations. After completing our initial setup, simply operate the connected device and LiveConnect will capture all the marketing technologies that fire from your device as you go along.

After setting up LiveConnect's proxy, this guide can walk you through how to set up your first LiveConnect Journey.

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