Checking Tealium Data Objects

This integration with Tealium allows any mutual customers to check the data objects (or b objects) within your and utag.view functions. For example, you wish to test that you are sending the 'size' option correctly on an e-commerce add to basket interaction.

How to Set Up

First in the Tealium Tag Marketplace look for the ObservePoint Data Layer Validator and add this to your tags.

Ensure that you only allow publishes to non-PROD environments OR (if you want to test in your live Tealium profile) allow in Production but add a rule filter to only run this tag for ObservePoint's IP addresses or you can make a user agent condition that contains 'ObservePoint'.

After this is set you'll want to go into ObservePoint and run any relevant ObservePoint Web Journeys. (In the case of a cart interaction, it would be a journey.)

Finding the Results

After running your Web Journeys you can find the results in your ObservePoint reports. It will show up as ObservePoint Data but the information will be your data (you can identify it by the Account ID if you already are using custom ObservePoint Tags).

At this point you will likely want to set up Rules to validate the data and make sure you get alerts if anything changes. You can create rules on this data like any rules set around Tag Variables. Contact your ObservePoint Data Consultant if you have trouble.

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