ObservePoint Applications: SDR Validation


Solution Design Reference, or SDR, is a term coined by Adobe that is used to describe the document that explains your implementation. It is also referred to as a variable map or site reference. It is best practices to maintain and reference an SDR regularly, especially as you plan to make changes to your implementation or need to validate your implementation with Audits & Journeys.


ObservePoint offers several solutions to create, maintain, and validate your SDR. However, we always recommend prioritizing variables that factor into your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  1. Comparisons allows users to validate large numbers of variables/values by filtering reports to show only the changes that occurred between runs. For more information on how to setup comparisons, check out these guides:

    Comparisons for Audits
    & Comparisons for Journeys
  2. Using your Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics, the ObservePoint Google sheets add-on can be leveraged to produce a new SDR based on your current implementation.

    ObservePoint Labs: SDR Builder

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