Downloading & Uploading HAR Files (Web)


HAR files, short for HTTP Archive, track the history of information passed between the website and the browser. These fairly large files contain a vault of useful information including the network requests fired from all of the events fired (page load, click, scroll, etc.) during a session.

Note: This feature might not be available to you currently. If so, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our support team if you want to request access.

Downloading a HAR File

HAR files can be download easily from a Web Browser. 

Note: In this example, we'll show how to download the file in a Chrome browser, but it is accessible in other browsers as well.
  1. Open the DevTools and select the Network tab.
  2. Ensure the round button at the top left of the DevTools window is red and select the Preserve Logs option.
  3. Once you have recreated what you would like to capture, you can save the HAR file by right-clicking anywhere in the table and selecting "Save as HAR with content" or you can click the download icon highlighted in the image below.
Note:  If you want to see how this is done on a mobile device, click  here .

Uploading a HAR File

In LiveConnect, users can upload HAR files and later process rules to check for tags and variables they expect to fire.

  1. Open LiveConnect.
  2. Pick a device that has been previously added (add a new one if you haven't yet).
  3. Click Upload HAR.
  4. Add a HAR name and choose the file(s) or drag them into the box, then click Upload.
  5. Once the HAR file upload is complete, click Done.
    Note: The report won't be available until you receive the email notifying you that processing is complete.
  6. Either click the link in the email or find the Journey Report in LiveConnect.
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