Welcome to the new ObservePoint experience!

We're excited for you to experience this transformative update based on your feedback! We hope you love the new UI with it's light & dark mode, account-wide reporting, and deeper insights. As you explore the new ObservePoint experience, we'd love to hear your reactions and continue to get your feedback. Included in this link are the full release notes. Throughout the app we have provided videos and documentation to introduce new features and make the transition to this new experience as smooth as possible.

Enjoy the new experience!

Aggregate Reporting

The Account Wide Dashboard is the first dashboard you see in the site it will give you insights from across your account's audits. There are a number of features that go along with this dashboard and the others in the ObservePoint app. Across the top you'll see some specific data related to the audits in your account.

Along the top of the dashboard you'll find some stats pulled from your audits. These can give you quick insight into the number of pages scanned, any broken pages, average page load time is, tags that were found, broken tags, and average tag load time. You'll also see a breakdown of the average OP Score across your audits:

This score is broken down into five criteria as follows: 

  • Tag Presence - 30 points possible based on the consistency of Primary Tag presence across the audit.
  • Rules - 10 points possible and based on the pass/fail rate of applied user rules.
  • Tag Performance - 15 points possible, any Primary Tag loading over 400ms will deduct from the score.
  • Page Performance - 10 Points possible, with 3 seconds being the benchmark.
  • Cookies - 10 points possible, cookies without a defined same-site attribute and non-secure cookies will deduct from this score.


You can filter all dashboards in ObservePoint along the top. There are a number of options to filter by! Currently you can only filter audits into the dashboard, but look for upcoming options within your filters and new filters to be added! Outside of filtering which audits you see you can also filter which tags are contributing to your insights by using the Tag Filtering toggle. This shows insights only related to your primary tags. So if it's Tag Presence and your Tag Filtering is on, that means the 'Tag Presence' rating is only based on your primary tags being present not on other tags on the site. You can adjust your primary tags by going to the Tag Setup under configurations.

Sharing Features

There are new options for sharing these great insights with your team and beyond. By clicking on the three dot icon in the top right of the dashboard you can access the above menu and either download the information or schedule a delivery. If for instance a member of your team or another wanted to get a monthly export of this dashboard you could send them a pdf version at the beginning of each month. This will provide you with an easy to share snapshot for anyone interested in the insights you're gaining! You can share this dashboard as well as from the other insight focused dashboards with just a click of a button!

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