New UI for Account & User Tools

Dark/Light Mode Toggle

With this toggle you can switch from Dark Mode to Light or back again!


This allows you to search folders, domains, audits, journeys and apps for what you are looking for within the platform!


Here you can find help for all of your support needs, including:

  • Customer Support chat/email
  • Help Documentation (suggests articles based on the page you are looking at)
  • Academy Training (tutorials for onboarding/training new users)
  • Tag Database (verify that the technologies you need are available in our database)
  • Feedback Portal (submit new ideas and vote up existing/planned ones)
  • API Documentation
  • Script Services Submission Form (if you have Script Services in your contract, submit requests here)


Here you can manage users, monitor usage across the lifetime of the account, and check the Event Log for updates/changes made to configurations.


Under your own name in the bottom left is your profile you can quickly change settings or grab your API key.

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