Privacy Dashboard

ObservePoint will be driving new insights with the Privacy Dashboard! Talk to your ObservePoint Customer Success Manager if you're interested in trying out this new product line with us and taking advantage of more thorough monitoring of your site's privacy configurations.

Privacy Dashboard

At a top level the privacy dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of  Tags, Cookies, Geolocations, and Request Domains. Within each of these categories you have the ability to set up Consent Preferences to begin monitoring your site in each of these categories. Once you have consent preferences configured and applied to Audits & Journeys you're able to see if there is Unapproved or Unspecified data collection happening. 

Each of these categories also has its own account wide dashboard with specified insights. As with the other dashboards you can filter each of these to your preference or apply Tag Filtering to narrows scope to just Primary Tags.


Your Aggregate Tag Compliance report shows you more specific detail on the tags found on the site and any anomalies in respect to your consent preferences. This report will give you an inventory of which tags are loading across multiple audits and the ability to see which tags are Approved, Approved & Required, or Not Approved. 


This report will give you an inventory of which cookies are set across your audits, secure & same-site attributes, and the ability to see which cookies are Approved, Approved & Required, or Not Approved.

You can see a quick snapshot of any unapproved cookies as well as non-secure cookies at an account level.


This report will give you a view of where data is being sent across your audits at a country level. You will be able to define which GEO locations are approved, required, or not approved.

ObservePoint offers a quick visual representation that you can easily send out to someone at your company should they want an update on this data. 

Request Domains

This report will give you an inventory of which domains  are making requests across your audits. You will be able to define and get reporting on which domains are approved, required and any domain that is not approved.

Along with your consent preferences you can also gain some insights into your most common domain and how many domains you're seeing across multiple audits.

Page Inventory & Details

An inventory of pages scanned across your audits, their load times, and status codes. This report and its functionality is available to all customers.

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