Consent Preferences

Consent Preferences are an important part of the new Privacy offering from ObservePoint. If you are interested in these capabilities reach out to your ObservePoint contact to get a trial of the functionality!

What are Consent Preferences?

Consent Preferences will allow you to define lists of Approved, Approved & Required, and Unapproved Tags, Cookies, Geolocations, and Request Domains. Once you have set up your preferences then the Privacy dashboards will allow you to quickly identify where there are problems on the site and when anything unapproved or not specified shows up!

Setting up Consent Preferences

To get started, Click Create New Consent Preference. You want to give this Consent Preference configuration a name and any relevant labels (e.g. owner name, regulation, scenario, etc).

Once you click create you'll be taken to a screen where you can choose which type of preferences you want to set from Tags, Cookies, Geolocations, and Request Domains.

From each of those categories you'll have the option to add a preference. The experience differences slightly for each, e.g. for Tags you will search the Tag Database, for cookies you need to provide the name and domain.

Each time you add a selection for one of those four categories you'll need to indicated if it is Approved, Unapproved, or Approved & Required. If a scan picks up a Tag, Cookie, Geolocation, or Request Domain that you did not create a preference for it will show up in the reports as Unspecified. That's why you want to be proactive in maintaining and updating your consent preferences.

Note: A best practice would be to export all of the tags, cookies, geolocations, and request domains from the Privacy dashboard first to use as a reference when building out the consent preference.
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