Tag & Variables Rules Report


The Tag & Variable Rules report (formerly known as the Rule Summary Report) will give you insight into how your audit rules have been applied to an Audit, if they've passed, on which pages they failed, and more!

At the top of the report is a snapshot of how the rules applied performed across the entire audit and compare the latest run to previous ones. These metrics and charts are interactive and allow you to filter to a specific rule status:

  • Rules Passed
  • Rules Not Applied
  • Rules Failed

Rule Details by Page

In this section of the report, you can see each rule applied to the audit listed by name and status. You can also see

  • Any relevant tags are included in the rule logic.
  • If you have configured an email notification or not
  • How many pages the rule is failing, passing, or not applied?

If you click on the name of the rule, you can expand for a more detailed breakdown.

Here you can see the conditional logic configured in the rule and which of those conditions passed or failed. If you hover over the name of the rule, you will see a pencil icon that allows you to edit it.

By clicking on any of the numbers in this table, you can filter the list of URLs at the bottom of the pages related to the specific failed conditions. Any URLs can be clicked to open up a Page Details report.

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