User Permissions

When creating new users or editing user settings, there are 3 options to choose from.

Account Admin

This user may:

  • Create, view, edit, and delete anything in the account
  • Create new users and modify the permissions for existing users
  • Generate API keys for other users (only available if API access is enabled per the users' contract)
  • Grant other users access to folders
  • Edit Primary Tags
  • Access and use Bulk Operations for making updates across multiple folders, domains, and labels
  • View the Event Log to examine change history
  • See app Usage

Standard User

This user may:

  • Create, view, and edit anything within shared folder(s)
  • This user can delete Audits, Journeys, App Journeys, LiveConnect Journeys that they create/own.
Note: Make sure to share folders with Standard and Read-Only users that they need access to. If you create a new folder they will need to be granted access to that new folder.

Read-Only User

This user may:

  • Only view items within shared folder(s)

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