Privacy Cookies Report


The Privacy Cookies audit report delivers insight into which cookies are present across your scan and whether or not those cookies are approved.

Note: To take full advantage of these reports will require configuring and applying a consent category to an audit and processing consent categories or running the audit at least once.

Applied Consent Categories

If consent categories have already been applied to the audit, you will see a down-down bar that you can expand to see the names and notes associated with each applied consent category.

Summary Metrics

The metrics in the top section of the report display:

  • The # of pages scanned
  • The # of pages with unapproved cookies
  • The # of unique cookies
  • The # of approved cookies
  • The # of unapproved cookies

Cookie Compliance

The Cookie Compliance table displays all unique cookies that were set on pages during the audit and the following attributes:

  • Cookie name
  • Cookie domain
  • Status (Approved or Unapproved)
  • Consent Category
  • The # of pages where the cookies was present

After selecting a row in the Cookie Compliance table, the list of pages below will filter to the pages where those cookies were present at the time of the audit.

Pages Scanned

After filtering the list of pages, you can drill into the Page Details Report to do further analysis.

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